Sunday Service 10:30 AM

Check out our New Series - Calvary Reflections! 

Scroll down to see our first three videos, as we reflect as a body on the impact and what God has taught us in the last few months. Click the image to access each video from our Calvary Family.

Family Bible Lessons

Click below to acces or Sunday School page which has weekly videos, lessons and craft ideas to coincide with our weekly Sunday School curriculum. Each week we will feature a "special reader" from our Children's Ministry!

Here are some great links recommended by our Calvary Family.... - particpate in quizzes as families, and even create your own - Emergency homeschooling materials and schedules for people who do not usually homeschool - Great ideas about journaling this historic time

Family Ideas!

1. Make Movies

"We have been making a lot of TikTok videos lately."

"One idea I have and we have been doing here is creating family videos. So many kids and teens have TikTok and walk around doing these fun dances all day. We have started to learn them and it is a great way to get a little active."


1. Plan Dinner

"I changed it up and took out my griddle and we pretended we were at a Japanese restaurant" - and made the experience into a video.


3. Create An Atmosphere

"Tons of worship music is playing."

"Just being together in the same room is nice but also needed space is essential."

"Have specific areas for work"

"We watch Joyce Meyers three days a week. Her shows are on YouTube and are around in the morning before we are motivated to get moving. My kids are the ones asking to watch."

Promote a "fun" atmosphere with family karaoke or hide and seek using the whole house.


4. Journal This Historic Time

"Encourage students to keep their own personal record of this historic event."

"Their experiences can be captured in words, video, drawings and more - it's a time they will find it interesting to look back on."