Sunday Service 10:30 AM

Raising Up A Generation

Knowing Him, Knowing His Word, Experiencing His Presence

This week's content: John 11:17-44

Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead

Featured Reader: Miss Jasmine


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Let's think about it...

1.  In verse John 11:35, it states "Jesus wept." What does this show us about Jesus' heart for people?

2. Think about what Jesus says in verse 11:40 of John. Do you believe that we will see the Glory of God, even through a time like we are in now?

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Seeing as we all have empty toilet paper rolls lately, or paper towel rolls, here's a great craft for your family to take part in as we study the story of Lazarus this week. 

You will need: 

-1 toilet paper roll or 1 paper towel roll cut in hald. 

-Scraps of tissue or paper towel

-2 googley eyes (you can also draw eyes on  with a Sharpie marker)

Please send us pics if you make the craft this week:


1. Cover toilet paper roll in glue. 

2. Apply eyes to toilet paper roll, towards the end. (You can also draw eyes with Sharpie)

3. Wrap the rest of the toilet paper roll with strips of toilet paper, tissue paper or even strips of white paper. 

4. You have made your Lazarus!